WRSS Woodlands Ring Secondary School

School Emblem

The school emblem forms the initials
Woodlands Ring Sec School, WRSS.
It projects the spirit of growth, strength and
endless search for knowledge
for a brighter future.

“W” in the shape of a pair of hands signifies the firm and
warm support for growth and
develops the potential of every pupil.

“R” represented by the ring encompassing the 5 pointed stars
symbolizes a bright, balanced and wholesome person nurtured
in a continuous warm and caring environment.
Each point of the star represents a dimension of growth,
the cognitive, physical, social, moral and aesthetic domains.

The double “SS” forms the icon of the flame of knowledge,
which illuminates the path of the rising star to carry on
the firm traditions of our pioneering spirit.

RED is the colour of dynamism and strength,
the passion to rise and succeed.

GREEN is the colour of growth and development.

GOLDEN YELLOW like the rays of the sun,
radiates hope, wisdom and warmth.

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