Woodlands Secondary School

Woodlands Sec

School Crest

The overall blue tone reflects the setting of the school near the sea. Blue represents harmony, serenity and a closeness to nature.

The six-pointed golden star encompasses the total development of the individual — academic, physical, social, emotional, aesthetic and moral aspects are strengthened to a fineness represented by the points of the star.

The stylised W is designed as a soaring bird representing purity of spirit and ambition to reach greater heights. It is the focus of loyalty and aims to foster a sense of belonging and pride in the school.


  • Woodlands Secondary School was first established in 1982.
  • Mrs Narayanaswamy was the first Principal.


  • The school was officially opened on 20 Sept.


  • PRIME for the new School building began on 27 November.


  • Completion of Artificial Turf and Indoor Sports Hall.


  • Attained Singapore Quality Class (SQC).
  • Celebration of 30th Anniversary.
  • In-house production of NE Movie.


  • Venture on Rooftop Garden.


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