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In Singapore, there is a total number of;

  •  22 Junior Colleges (JC) 
  • 164 Secondary Schools (SEC)
  • 187 Primary Schools (PRI)
As of June 2016

That require students to wear school uniforms to differentiate among themselves, inter-schools competitions, awards, levels and achievement of the different educational institutes. 

So that's about 373 types of unique school uniforms in Singapore.

Some may hate, some may like school uniforms, but it will be there. School uniforms is a culture, it is a pride for students to wear.

To find out how many total number of schools are there in Singapore and to identify the name of the schools, click here (:

SSU is here to index, showcase the different school uniforms in Singapore. We aim to be the no.1 place for visuals of local school uniforms.

If you may have any feedbacks, do email us at mysg.su@gmail.com (:

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