[Book] My School Uniform: Capturing memories with Singapore's school attire

Author Yix Quek with her book, My School Uniform, published in May 2016. 
(Photo: Wendy Wong)

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My School Uniform book retails at S$28.50 from major book stores such as Kinokuniya, Basheer Books and Times.

A new book documenting the school uniforms, badges and mottos of secondary school uniforms has been published – the first such collection archiving the stories behind uniforms in Singapore.
Called My School Uniform, the 365-page book features the uniforms of 142 secondary schools across Singapore. It also highlights some of the schools that have closed down or merged with others, and the meanings behind various school badges.

“School uniforms and badges are symbols of our school lives that everyone once owned,” said author Yix Quek. “Even after graduating, people still notice subtle changes to their uniforms and have big reactions over it, hence it's something that's very close to our hearts.”
The book includes many interesting facts about uniform styles and trends. Here are a few of them:
RAFFLES GIRLS’ FOLDED SLEEVES: “The first batch of (Raffles Girls’ School) blouses had the sleeves extended all the way to the elbows. Students started folding them for comfort. The school realised students preferred to wear it that way, and it eventually became a tradition.” – Ms Quek
5 PIGS FOR 3 BUNGALOWS: “Back in 1945, the pioneer principal (of Sin Min Secondary School) Mr Yap Fun Fong sold three pigs to rent five bungalows to provide education for children who are located in Hougang and Serangoon.” – Ms Quek
FROM METAL TO FABRIC BADGES: “Speaking to people who run bookshops in schools and teachers, there are a lot of problems with school badges. Students used to use them to scratch the table, and some of them would not put on the badge because they lose it or forget to bring. It comes with certain problems, so sewn on is I guess a practical way to do it.” – Mr Tay
The book showcases the different uniforms of 142 secondary schools in Singapore. 

The team managed to capture the transition between uniforms at Guangyang Secondary School. 

The mascot of Fuchun Secondary School, which is a fusion between a lion and eagle. 

A page in the book dedicated to old school badges.

The team visited up to five schools every week to photograph the uniforms and the school compounds.

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