AHS Anglican High School 10 things students of Anglican High will remember

10 things students of Anglican High will remember

Our school is 58 this year and truthfully speaking there have been so many changes over the years such that everyone’s experience and memory of their time there is so varied. We have tried to find 10 things that have a large appeal to students of different eras. Share with us any other iconic things that is worthy of mention!
 1. The white uniform that looks very much like Chung Cheng’s. Our PE attire has changed many times over the years, but the uniform doesn't seem to have undergone major changes right?                                  image
2. The irritating metal buttons! Remember those times where we had to spend precious time of our sleep attaching them to our uniforms? Or at least until the day our mothers sewed the buttons on permanently..
3. We never knew, and still do not know how 早操 helped us. It was always quite a chore to do, especially when the teacher (何生 in recent years) made us redo the steps. But now in retrospect, the steps actually look quite cute!
4. The Grand Old Dame. We all cursed and swore at it when we were late for school or climbing back up after getting our bubble tea fix from 85, but no one ever thought that it would leave us.
5. One of the longest camps you can experience in school. Someone once said that “要参加学生营后才能算是真正的圣中人!” Many fond memories were made here!
6. It’s alright to boycott food from the canteen, because you can have nice food just outside school! Chicken rice, nasi lemak, Chai Chee pork porridge; you name it, 85 has it!
7. She’s turning 50 this year! The place where school spirit runs high. Every year you’d hear people chanting “圣中、圣中!” or “防守、防守!” when basketball competitions are held. Did you know that it once served as a hostel before Anglican House was built?
8. That bus stop that never had any buses coming up. With it’s sibling down the road at Simpang!
9. There were others before him, but undoubtedly the legendary one in recent years. Ever full of quotable quotes.
10. We can never leave out the immortal. Everyone came and went, but he has been with us since the 1950s, travelling to school daily on his motorbike and locking up behind us late in the evening after we finished our CCA meetings. Heard that his sons are named AHS too!

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  • Hair that reaches below the collar must be tied up with black rudder bands
  • Hair at the side to be kept off the face with blackpins / hair band
  • Fringe to be above the eyebrows
  • Dyeing of hair not allowed
  • Hair at the back to be above collar and sloped
  • Hair at the side does not cover any part of the ears and sloped
  • Hair cannot be made to stand with the use of hair-gel / hair-styling product
  • Perming / dyeing of hair not allowed
  • Fringe to be above the eyebrows
3Shirt/Blouse fully tucked in at waist
4All school buttons and badge displayed
5Skirts to be of knee length
6White shoes and AHS socks only. Socks to be above ankles
Source credit: http://www.anglicanhigh.moe.edu.sg/students/life-at-ahs/rules-and-regulations/student-attire


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